Cutting edge printing solutions to bring you into the future


We at OptimiDoc bring innovation to the world of digitalization and document printing.

We’ve been producing print optimization and document digitalization solutions  for over ten years.

In collaboration with our partners, we are pioneers in developing innovations that shape the whole industry. We draw on our expert knowledge to optimize document administration and digitalization for our customers.

Our mission is to simplify the daily document workflow in corporate environments. We are on top of the trends toward cloud solutions, and two of our products, OptimiPrint and OptimiCapture, are already entirely hardware independent.

Our export market reaches around the globe to every continent except Antarctica, to SMB and Enterprise customers alike.

OptimiDoc‘s path to CSR and corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

We respect our employees, customers, vendors and stakeholders.

Environmental responsibility

We promote environmental sustainability through conservation practices that focus on monitoring our use of energy and raw materials


Since our inception over a decade ago we have supported sustainable growth that provides for the needs of future generations.

Financial responsibility

  • Building up trust
  • A sustainable sales model
  • Sales ethics
  • A dedicated staff and satisfied customers

OptimiDoc 10th Anniversary Event