It is a bearer of national cultural heritage and also a space for free artistic creation. Contracts, scripts, texts for actors – hundreds of documents need to be printed every month for the efficient operation of the institution.


A lot of equipment without control

The National Theatre was dealing with the problem of a large number of devices with various print service levels from several different suppliers. Also, there was no clear overview of the use of the printing environment or its control, which resulted in increased financial costs.


Optimisation of the number of devices controlled by OptimiDoc

The aim of the requested solution was to provide complete print management and print overview in all buildings of the National Theatre. Effective print control was to reduce costs, limit waste, and, last but not least, secure the printing environment. The National Theatre reduced the number of devices by more than 40% and deployed a central multifunctional Xerox device in strategic and easily accessible points in the individual buildings.

The optimization of printing devices was followed with another step, providing security of documents printed on such devices with the option to collect the printed material at any device within the institution. For that purpose, we chose OptimiDoc Server with complete functionality for printing and digitalization of documents.

The multifunctional devices were equipped with readers, and the OptimiDoc application was installed on them. The integration of the OptimiDoc Server into the Xerox equipment provided users with the possibility to print documents safely on any device, together with the option of document digitalization in various formats, such as searchable PDF, or Microsoft Word and Excel.

Since all print tasks were done via the OptimiDoc Server, it was possible to monitor the use of the individual devices centrally and to provide well-arranged reports with a breakdown to the individual users for better control of the printing costs.


Minimisation of costs and higher user comfort

27% of the printing costs were demonstrably saved by implementing the Xerox printing equipment with the OptimiDoc Server. The better control of the use of printing prevented wasting both paper and cartridges, as well as energy. The integration of the OptimiDoc Server in the Xerox equipment increased document security and made the work of the individual employees more efficient.

System centralization allowed for ensuring a continuous service of the multifunctional devices and their functionality. Speeding up the individual printing tasks also increased user comfort.

“Making printing more efficient was the main benefit for the National Theatre. In addition to the demonstrable cost savings, there are also time savings; both printing and scanning are now faster. The user comfort increased and services that had been unavailable were added.”

Dagmar Růžičková


“Simplification and centralisation of printer management was the main benefit for the IT Department. And the subsequent supervision, including fast service and cartridge supply. From the user’s point of view, the convenience of printing increased as it is now possible to print at “any” printer in any building. Also, the quality of scanning improved as it is now possible to scan directly into a searchable PDF, or into other formats, ideally scanning both sides at once.”

Roman Struk

IT Department