Šiaulių bankas is the largest Lithuanian capital bank, a steadily and consistently growing financial partner, paying special attention to business financing and consumer financing solutions. Šiaulių Bankas serves its clients in 37 cities and towns throughout Lithuania.


Complex processes and authorisations

Šiaulių bankas has been working with OptimiDoc Server for many years now. It was however using the service only for the security of print services, including deferred printing or reporting. Employees used to send all scanned documents (contracts, passport copies and other documents) to their e-mails and only then were the documents placed in the document management system (DMS). This process was not uniform, required a lot of time and involved a higher probability of errors due to a lack of attention (simply forgetting to attach documents or misplacing them in the DMS). The client‘s primary requirement was to receive a uniform and simple document scanning process. On top of that, it was important for the IT department to know which employee was scanning the document, so that it could be automatically placed in the DMS accordingly.


Digitisation at all branches

As part of the implementation, pre-set scanning processes were set up for every type of document (passports, invoices, contracts, etc.). After selecting a specific scanning process, the user then enters the required information and OptimiDoc automatically ensures its processing and delivery to the final repository. The entire system was deployed not only in the main building, but also in customer centres of which there is more than sixty. Users are now not limited to by the capabilities of a specific branch, but can digitise their documents via a user interface that is uniform for all branches. To ensure document security and user identification, the contactless card or PIN login system was preserved.


Fast, simple and efficient

The solution helped optimise the whole path for scanned documents to the DMS and minimise the probability of human error. And last but not least, the staff spent less time scanning and could better focus on customers.

“I see the biggest benefit is in extending the functionality of the existing solution in a simple and easy manner, without the need for implementing additional products. Covering print and digitisation with a single product has simplified the implementation significantly.”

Jonas Gibavičius

Service Delivery Manager