Digital transformation of your business is a road to sustainability 2.0

Reasons for the digital transformation

Reduce Costs
Drive Sustainability Efforts
Improve Collaboration Within Your Organization

Healthy circular digitization of documents


Digital transformation is an important goal

Digital transformation facilitates automation that does not overwhelm important employees in business processes and generates maximum operational efficiency.

Digital transformation is more than the digitization of paper documents, but the digital future in the true sense of the world.

Another step towards a sustainable future 2.0

On the one hand, we have rising paper consumption and require ever more resources to produce paper. On the other hand, our environment is facing threats and degradation. However, our „paper addiction“ can be gradually reduced by using paper efficiently.

OptimiDoc is here to help you with this.

Minimize your printing cost

Simplify your print infrastructure and manage the whole environment from one place. By implementing OptimiDoc cloud print management, you minimize your IT workload for the maintenance of print and remove costly print servers. Additionally, you make printing easy for employees anywhere they are.

Our surveys show that after deploying OptimiDoc in the company, consumption of office paper and other consumables will go down by 30%

Gain independence and flexibility of work

Most of the documents you receive to your device today are probably of electronic origin. And that’s why it doesn’t matter where you are.

With digital transformation, you can add automation to document acquisition, eliminate time-consuming manual processes and unnecessary management.

Become our Sustainable Green Document Partner

We are proud to announce that several hundred companies, organizations, and institutions have been helping us with our mission already. And they even shout it out loud!

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