The possibility of storing documents directly from the device onto a cloud storage site makes life easier for all users. OptimiDoc Cloud in connection with Microsoft 365 is a solution that covers all aspects of document management.

Everyday scanning

Do you want to scan documents easily and in a systematic way? OptimiDoc Cloud does not limit your work to scan-to-email only, you can also create your own archive on your OneDrive storage site. Then, when scanning, you just choose the final directory and document name directly on the multi-functional device. OptimiDoc Cloud will not only save your final document automatically at a selected location, it will also convert it to a searchable PDF or editable format for MS Word or Excel.

Digital archive and document separation

SharePoint is an amazing corporate document sharing platform. On top of that, it is intended for archiving documents. Your documents will never get lost and will always be traceable. OptimiDoc Cloud simply saves paper documents in different libraries in a searchable format and obtains document data, whether manually or automatically. This means that users are not limited to searching documents by their name only, they can also use metadata or the entire contents of the document. What brings even more convenience to the process is automatic classification of mass-scanned documents by entering the page count, inserting a blank page or reading the barcode on the document.

Print from anywhere and in any location

Even though digital documents are prominent in our era, printing is still part of the daily routine of most businesses and organizations. OptimiDoc Cloud brings the most up-to-date printing options with no restrictions regarding the location, connection and device fleet. Users simply send their documents and they wait for them in a secured form until being picked up on a specific printer. Besides standard printing, OptimiDoc Cloud allows printing from OneDrive or SharePoint directly from the device panel. Thanks to the monitoring of completed jobs, your company can keep track of all details regarding the use of printing devices.

Easy implementation

Implementing OptimiDoc Cloud and integrating it into Microsoft 365 takes only a few minutes. OptimiDoc Cloud not only supports single-sign-on for quick use without the need for entering the name and password over and over again, it also always provides a current user database thanks to automatic user synchronization. OptimiDoc Cloud operates in the Azure cloud environment and is available 24/7. Unlimited performance scalability based on the client‘s needs is a matter of fact. To enjoy all the great benefits, you only need an internet connection – in your office, at home or when traveling.

Case study – real situation from our client

The University of Nottingham digitizes documents to Microsoft 365 using the OptimiDoc Cloud

The aim was to allow effective and convenient scanning to OneDrive cloud site from all printers. The client required a solution where the user does not need to log in repeatedly. This condition was fulfilled thanks to the Single-Sign-On (SSO) function. OptimiDoc Cloud connects users with their personal cloud storage site in a secured way within a fraction of a second. Find out more on our website:

By Published On: March 31st, 2021Categories: OptimiDoc company

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