We are ready to introduce the expected new update of the OptimiDoc server product. Two very important updates will be promoted within this version. OptimiDoc server‘s new release is available starting Monday 26th of September to download.

As you have already known, Microsoft will start to turn off Basic authentification for specific protocols in Exchange Online for customers who use them. The starting point is the end of September 2022 so our aim is to be prepared for this crucial change.

For many years, applications have used Basic authentication to connect to servers, services, and API endpoints. Basic authentication simply means the application sends a username and password with every request, and those credentials are also often stored on the device. The main goal of this change is to protect customers‘ data and accounts from the increasing number of attacks that are leveraging basic auth. However, Microsoft understands that email is a mission-critical service for many customers, and turning off basic auth could potentially be very impactful, the aim remains to provide better security for their users and data.

OptimiDoc server is now prepared for this change so our partners and customers will not be affected and their daily OptimiDoc service usage will not be breached or disrupted.

Watermarking will be the second release available within print management. This feature brings users the option to add specific text to be written to every page in a print job. Users/admins can decide where the text should be placed: to the top (or bottom) or over the entire page. Watermarking is an efficient and flexible functionality that helps document productivity and protection.

Which are typical situations for using watermarking? There are many of them, but mainly for user identification – the user just publishes his/her name, document name, date, etc. These cases we can meet in schools, universities, banks, businesses, or the industry. Watermarking significantly increases also document security or protection. With this feature, you can announce the document is very sensitive or protect it against abuse or plagiarism.

By Published On: September 23rd, 2022Categories: OptimiCapture

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