The new OptimiCapture is finally here!

For nearly a decade, we’ve been building products to help people transform the way of working with paper documents.

Now, work itself is transforming in precedent ways. For many of us, work is no longer the physical space we go to, and get important information. Information is moving from paper to the digital world.

This transformation brings a lot of challenges but also represents a significant opportunity to help companies and their employees succeed in it. With the right solution, employees are able to collaborate more efficiently, move the information faster, and spend time on what matters most.

The solution is OptimiCapture: the product you need to help businesses who need to digitalise, search and archive documents within the organisation.

With OptimiCapture, we’re introducing three major developments:

  • A new brand identity that reflects our intense focus to cloud document digitalisation
  • New features to make the work of employees more productive than ever before
  • A new licensing model for more customer flexibility based on actual needs.

New brand identity

When OptimiDoc started the development of products, they were created as document capture solutions. Over time, our products have become the universal suite for printing and digitalisation.

Our new OptimiCapture brand reflects our long-term strategy to become the leading provider of cloud document capture.

In the coming weeks, we will replace our current product, OptimiDoc Cloud, with OptimiCapture.

New features

We have entirely focused on bringing new features known from on-premise document capture solutions to the cloud environment during the last year. Tools for better cooperation or automated document processing will be generally available for all customers of OptimiCapture.

In the coming months, we’ll also be bringing this new experience out of the office environment and offering the same functionality across platforms like smartphones, the web, or small personal multifunctional printers.

New licensing model

Transparent costs and scalability based on actual customer needs are the core conditions of the new licensing model.

Two licensing are going to be available:

  • Per connected MFP – licensing based on the number of connected devices without limitation of users or processed documents
  • Per-user – licensing based on the number of named users without limitation of connected devices or processed documents.

The second change is the spit of functionality to three editions:

By Published On: August 31st, 2021Categories: OptimiCapture

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