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Partner network

You will get an innovative tool for your customers

Our products push the standards of printing and digitalisation solutions forward, because they reflect our contact with customers and partners.

As we seek to implement the best possible functions in OptimiDoc, the value of our product is constantly growing.

OptimiDoc for one or a thousand devices

OptimiDoc has thousands of satisfied customers and users all over the world.

Their size and reach do not matter. What matters is that our solutions and services are created for one device or for a thousand devices in any number of locations.

How you can benefit from our partner system

OptimiDoc partners can use many services and materials needed for their everyday business.

At the same time, a local sales representative is available and can help implement our product in the portfolio and facilitate its subsequent sale.

Cooperate with a valuable brand

It took only a short time since our start of business in 2012 and OptimiDoc has built up the position of a high-quality and reputable supplier of printing and digitalisation solutions.

Join us and get a unique opportunity to collaborate with a company which has a clear business strategy and vision of environmental protection.

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Sustainability is not just our vision, it is our reason to go on

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