Sharp &
OptimiDoc Cloud

OptimiDoc Cloud solutions seamlessly integrate with Sharp multifunction printers, delivering unlimited printing, enhanced security, and efficient scanning workflows through the user-friendly OptimiDoc Cloud integration. Plus, they align with Sharp’s commitment to eco-friendly document management.

Three good reasons to use OptimiDoc with Sharp devices


OptimiDoc Cloud brings modern printing capabilities without the limitations of location, connection or the device used in the business.

The user prints their documents and they will wait securely at cloud datecentre until they are requested from a specific printer. In addition to pull printing, OptimiDoc Cloud allows printing from OneDrive or SharePoint directly from the device panel. With job monitoring, the business has a detailed overview of print device usage.


Turn your paper documents into fully searchable digital files in seconds and make them accessible across your organization, wherever your employees are.

OptimiDoc Cloud manages the processing and delivery of documents to the final document repository fully automatically without any manual steps. Your employees convert the document into editable formats, digitally sign the document directly on their mobile device, or scan paper documents as a compressed searchable PDF into company archives, saving space.


OptimiDoc Cloud is an embedded application in Sharp devices and operates completely independently from the local infrastructure.

That means no local servers, no printer sharing or complicated configuration. With pure Internet connection you can benefit from features like card authentication, accounting, pull printing or advanced document digitalization.

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Device authentication

  • Device authentication by card
  • Device authentication by PIN
  • Card assignment
  • OptimiDoc application authentication only by User List
  • OptimiDoc application authentication only by PIN
  • OptimiDoc application authentication only by SingleSign on with 3rd party app

Access rights

  • Scan workflows access rights
  • Print connectors access rights
  • Color print/copy restriction
  • Groups

Direct and pull print

  • Cloud pull printing
  • Supported storages for pull print
  • OptimiDoc Datacentre
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • DropBox
  • Box
  • User-specific/shared pull print
  • Finishing options on the device
  • Job management
  • Direct print from the workstation (Windows/macOS)
  • Central printers and driver management

Print connectors

  • Printing from cloud storage
  • Microsoft OneDrive

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • Google Drive

  • DropBox

  • Box


  • Finishing options on the device
  • Force BW/Duplex

Accounting and Reporting

  • Print/scan/copy accounting
  • Web reports
  • Data export

Document capture

  • Embedded application for document capture
  • Supported manual parameters

  • String

  • Date

  • Time

  • Number

  • List

  • Password

  • SharePoint Site

  • SharePoint Document library

  • Boolean

  • Folder

  • Job assembly
  • Scan settings definition

Document processing

  • Remove black borders
  • Remove punch holes
  • Automated image de-skewing
  • Image despeckling
  • Blankpage removal
  • Barcode recogniton

  • Bulk scans separation
  • Barcode

  • Blankpage

  • Predefined number of pages PDF metadata

  • PDF encryption
  • PDF digital signature
  • PDF redaction
  • MRC compression

Output formats



  • Searchable PDF

  • Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint (maximally 10 pgs per document)

  • vCard

Destinations and storages

  • Email

  • Microsoft OneDrive

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • Google Drive


  • Dropbox


  • OptimiDoc Cloud Storage

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