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Thank you for caring for our environment

Together with us, some of you do your part in protecting our environment and preserving the beauty of our planet. Together we invest in the development of solutions that make things work even more efficiently. We are well aware of how many resources are needed for the production of a single sheet of paper.

The most ecological paper is one that has never been produced

On one hand, we have rising paper consumption and require ever more resources to produce paper. On the other hand, our environment is facing threats and degradation. Our "paper addiction" can be however gradually reduced by using paper efficiently.

OptimiDoc is here to help you with this.

You help our planet with every document you have not printed

Our surveys show that after deploying OptimiDoc in your company your consumption of office paper and other consumables will go down by 30%.

And this merits consideration!

Document digitalisation is the future

Digital documents will continue to replace physical documents also in places where it has been unseen before. The benefits are huge and it is only a matter of time when a complete replacement will have taken place.

OptimiDoc is the solution for the future.

Become our Sustainable Green Document Partner

We are proud to announce that several hundred companies, organisations and institutions have been helping us with our mission already. And they even shout it out loud!

Join OptimiDoc.

The path to CSR and corporate responsibility of OptimiDoc

Corporate responsibility

Just treatment of our employees, customers, vendors and stakeholders.

Environmental responsibility

Environmentally friendly, low consumption of energy and raw materials

Responsibility and sustainability

We have been contributing to the sustainable growth of our society for more than eight years. We think about and act for future generations.

Financial responsibility

  • Building up trust
  • Sustainable sales model
  • Sales ethics
  • Staff motivation and customer satisfaction

What can we do for your business?

We will be happy to consult your situation and tell you about what OptimiDoc can offer, no commitment required.

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