A document capture solution that expands the boundaries of your office and lets your employees work anytime, anywhere. They can scan, convert, and store documents using an MFP device, mobile application, or web browser.

Three good reasons to use OptimiCapture


The personal scanner in every mobile, submission of a document through web workplace or traditional scanning through integration to MFP devices allows users to work from anytime, anywhere.

Collaborate and share

Forget about scanning to email, turning your paper documents into searchable digital files, and making them available across organizations with just one click.

OptimiCapture integrates with a wide range of cloud storage and allows you to scan documents directly to the requested destination.

Streamline company processes

Automate the digitalization of company documents.

OptimiCapture will automatically extract data, sort, and deliver the document to the final destination.

Simplify the everyday work with documents

OptimiCapture is a tool that simplifies employees’ everyday work with paper and digital documents.  They can capture documents on mobile or an MFP device and choose what to do with them in the application. OptimiCapture does the processing and delivery to the selected destination. Your employees can change the document’s final format, share it with others or add metadata or a watermark.

OptimiCapture is no longer just an MFP extension; it now lets users utilize the full range of benefits through a mobile app, tablet, or web browser.

Users can submit paper or digital documents from their home workplace through a web application, on a business trip with a mobile application, or scan documents on a multifunctional office device.

OptimiCapture instantly converts your scanned documents and images into searchable PDFs or MS Office formats, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Optical Character Recognition is the perfect choice for archiving. It preserves the exact look of the file while helping you to search for text that the file includes.

The ability to save documents directly from the device to a cloud storage site makes everyday life easier for all users.

They no longer have to send documents to e-mail and save them again. The demand for e-mail and other storage sites can also be significantly smaller.

Digitalize company documents

Contracts, invoices, or HR documents must be stored in the right place and with the correct name. OptimiCapture fully automates the entire process. Employees select a proper workflow, and the system does the rest. Based on the selected workflow, OptimiCapture can separate bulk scans, extract barcodes, redact sensitive information, or place a watermark indicating the location or user who scanned it.

It couldn’t be easier. Regardless of where the user is, OptimiCapture captures the document and sends it to the designated location, where it is immediately available to colleagues who require access to it. OptimiCapture reduces the error rate thanks to preset workflows, and the document is automatically named and saved.

OptimiCapture provides flexibility for future company processes improvement. Customers can easily add or modify the processes based on actual business needs. They don’t need to purchase new software and pay for costly customizations.

Protecting sensitive data and company documents is guaranteed with OptimiCapture. The document moves only on a secure path between the user’s mobile phone or tablet, the MFP, and the customer’s archive. The document is thus available only to authorized users. We guarantee the highest level of security and data protection.

Central management through the portal

No complicated installations, servers, or visits to different branches. The OptimiCapture cloud solution means no burden on the IT department. The entire system, regardless of its robustness or complexity, is set up by the administrator from a single place. As a company, do you have multiple locations, and your IT department has to install the entire system directly on-site or negotiate with someone local for any change? You can avoid this with OptimiCapture. Administrators can easily set up printers, users, and workflows quickly and from a single place.

The complex installation, connection, and management of several servers have higher demands on the IT department. Servers are often spread over different locations where the customer has branches, and deploying and managing a new system becomes much more difficult. With OptimiCapture, you don’t have to worry about anything like that anymore; the solution doesn’t require any hardware that you have to worry about.

OptimiCapture is an entirely cloud-based solution, so installing the entire environment takes couple of minutes. It doesn’t matter the size of the customer, how many users or network or local printers they have; everything can be set up and managed in one interface. Detailed reporting is part of the interface.

OptimiCapture seamlessly integrates with already running company systems. We can synchronize users from Azure AD or Google Workspace.

Extend the functionalities of the MFP devices you are already using. OptimiCapture integrates with hundreds of MFP models and can be easily implemented in nearly every environment. All of this is wholly managed from one administration portal.

Supported devices

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