OptimiDoc Server

All-In-One on-premise print management and document capture solution for customers with one or thousands of devices.

Three good reasons to use OptimiDoc Server

All major printer brands

OptimiDoc Server integrates with all major MFP manufacturers and provides the same user interface across the whole MFP fleet.

It supports even small USB printers.

Scalable architecture

OptimiDoc supports different environments without the limitation of connected devices, manufacturers, or workstation operating systems.

The complete solution is managed through central browser-based administration.

Unlimited print and capture functionality

The amount of documents is not a limitation. You can print and process as many documents as you need.

Our document processing engine provides next to the OCR also advanced processing like barcode recognition, separation of bulk documents, or zonal OCR.

It makes printing of documents on any device easier and faster regardless of where the task was sent.

It administers individual print tasks and allows you to set the final shape of the document directly on the device. You can send documents for printing from your smartphone


It prints from anywhere and in any location


Routine daily document digitalisation under control

Digitalization of printed documents in various formats. You choose the digitalization process from the touch panel on your multifunctional printer.

Documents are precisely and accurately digitalized and sent automatically to a selected storage site such as e-mail, FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or SharePoint.

Supported devices

We work together with numerous brands and their partners to move the customers’ print infrastructures and save costs.

Become a Sustainable Green Document Partner

We are proud to announce that several hundred companies, organizations, and institutions are already collaborating with us in our mission.

Join OptimiDoc.

OptimiDoc 10th Anniversary Event