Situated in the heart of the Horácko Region, the most beautiful part of the mountain range of Českomoravská vrchovina, Nové Město na Moravě attracts not only with its historical and cultural sites, but also for the current way of living of this modern town. The progressive style of work of the local town council is reflected in arranging for international sports events, promoting tourism and, last but not least, managing printing data. Working together, a printing system was established that reduced printing costs for the town office, saved workers’ time, and reduced the rate of errors and the risk of mishandling personal information.


Printers with no administration and security

The printers located at the offices of Nové Město na Moravě lacked any control and security. In addition to the insight into their use and printing costs, it was necessary to make sure the operation is secured and sensitive data are handled in a safe manner. Document digitalisation was a lengthy process and required a lot of effort from individual staff members. Creating a system of automated circulation and one of digitalisation of hard-copy documents were thus crucial steps for innovation to achieve printing solutions to the latest standards.


Automation, centralised administration & GDPR compliance

As part of stage 1, a 2-factor security system was deployed on all printing devices, along with secure printing, to ensure document security. The user will only collect their print documents at any device when they log in and request them to avoid printing and leaving any document on that device without control. In addition to security, secure printing also reduces the cost of printing documents that were left unpicked at the machine. NMNM achieved additional cost reduction using double-sided and black-and-white printing as a default setting.

The second stage of implementation focused on the automation of processing hard-copy documents. Processes were set up for each of the users of sending scanning docs into their mailboxes or to OneDrive with the option of converting the documents into editable formats.

Separating batch scans automatically with bar code recognition leads to a significant reduction of the administrative burden for the circulation of contracts. Via OptimiDoc, important documents are sent directly to the appropriate folders, in the correct format and with the correct naming. This made document cataloguing and managing easier than ever before.

Processing invoices was further streamlined, whether it involved hard-copy or digital formats. OptimiDoc automatically extracts the required invoice data, such as supplier identification information, prices or due date. The data are securely stored in the supplier’s folder and the extracted data are then processed as necessary.

Last but not least, NMNM offers printing services as a service to citizens, so it was necessary to choose a secure system with clearly defined competences. OptimiDoc delivered this in terms of both security and accurate billing for individual prints.


Efficiency is key

The need to streamline and digitise document management has been translated into reality. Using OptimiDoc, an up-to-date system was set up of the automatic routing and digitalisation of hard-copy documents, making it a key tool for this Moravian town while achieving significant savings in printing costs. Automated generation of monthly reports also provided much-needed insight into the use of the printing environment.

“OptimiDoc was helpful in how we managed to implement scanning to OneDrive in our fleet of printers in a very short time. All the requirements were resolved almost immediately. By implementing OptimiDoc Server, we have saved 30% of our printing costs. OptimiDoc also makes sure our printers’ status is under monitoring. If any of them shows an error, toner or paper being low, the system immediately informs the responsible IT staff member, who can fix it.”

Zbyněk Grepl

Head of IT Department